Exercise To Lose Weight With These Simple And Fun Activities

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When you come across the word exercise, images of a person heavily sweating from running, lifting weights, doing push-ups and sit-ups will immediately come to your mind. This is, of course, true, to a certain degree. When you exercise, you sweat and you lose weight. 

Exercising though doesn’t mean that you always have to engage in activities that are too physically demanding and not at all fun. When you want to exercise to lose weight, there are certain activities that you can do or engage in that are enjoyable yet will still allow you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Activities That Can Help You Lose Weight

What are some fun activities or exercises that you can do to lose weight? These include:

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Swimming – This is a refreshing and soothing way for you to effectively lose weight. When you swim, the water acts as a cushion in every motion and as such, you are likely to limit movements that can cause injuries. Swimming is a highly effective exercise when you want to lose weight. It also helps tone muscles and improves figure. Swimming also improves insulin sensitivity and lowers blood pressure for people with hypertension. Finally, it also helps make bones structurally better.

Cycling – Cycling burns about 500 to 1,000 calories per hour. Depending on how fast you go, cycling can be a real calorie burner. Riding outside is always enjoyable since you get to go places, enjoy the sights and breathe in some fresh, cool air. But if you're a little more time restricted or just don’t want to go cycling outdoors, you can invest in a good quality indoor bike. 

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Jogging or running – These activities enables you to burn at least 550 calories per hour. Aside from all of the calories you burn when you run, you can also get a lot of thinking done since there are no distractions of the gym, a workout video, your computer or mobile phone.

Using the jump rope –Lastly, using a jump rope for 15 to 20 minutes can burn off calories. This simple, handy, and affordable piece of equipment can also strengthen your upper and lower body. Jumping with a jump rope is also good for the heart.  But before you start using a jump rope at home, you need do get the right workout length for your body, so you don’t strain yourself. You also have to wear the right athletic shoes and select the right space for jumping rope. You should also consider investing in some flooring with an impact mat designed for exercising. And you have to do it right to avoid injuries.

When you want to exercise to lose weight, you don’t have to confine yourself to some gym-based routines that can lead you to get bored with working out regularly. By including some fun routines such as swimming, walking and even dancing, you can shed off some pounds and have the body you’ve always wanted to have. 

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