A Look At The Different Programs Of The Cybex 620 Arc Trainer

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The Cybex 620 Arc Trainer is one of the most complete fitness equipment anyone should have and used today. Aside from providing great cardio workouts, it is also highly effective as a muscle strengthening exercise. It is definitely a type of fitness equipment worth having and using in any home and commercial gym.


By using this equipment, you can burn more calories yet feel less exertion at the same time. In addition, compared to other types of exercise machines, you will experience a much smoother workout experience with the 620 Arc Trainer.


Workout Programs


To get the most out of your Cybex 620 Arc Trainer, there are certain workout or training programs you can follow. Here’s a look at some of these programs:

trusted online supplier of high quality Cybex fitness equipment

The “Get Started” program. This program is designed for users to build endurance and a functional lower body strength base within just 2-3, quick 30-minute workouts per week.


The Heart Rate Recovery program. This is an 8-week program is designed to help users improve their recovery time. It combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises in fluid interval training which is a great stepping stone toward higher intensity workouts.


The Circuit Training program. This program combines upper body exercises with the equipment’s ability to produce both strength and cardio capabilities. It effectively combines upper body activity while challenging one’s strength endurance within a high intensity interval setting.


You can learn more about the different Cybex 620 Arc Trainer programs on the website of Gym Pros


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