Tasks parents Make The Ruin Body And Brain Development In Infants


It is important for parents to guide their kids during their growth stage. Because of this, some parents are eager to spend time to ensure that all their child’s needs are accommodated properly. But, there are cases when some individuals do tasks that can ruin body and brain development in infants. To avoid this, below are some of the mistakes you need to be aware of. 


Always putting babies at the back


One of the main tasks that parents make which can ruin brain development body and brain development in infants is they usually put babies at the back. Health experts claim that putting babies at the back is the safest way to carry the baby since it can reduce the risks of sudden death syndrome. However, it is also important to carry babies in different positions since it helps them develop certain body parts. For instance, putting babies on your tummy allows them to strengthen shoulders and arms. In addition, this also helps babies to support the weight of their head.


Using e-books than traditional educational items


As of now, e-books are very popular since parents can easily teach their kids anytime anywhere. However, frequent use of e-books can restrict them from learning new things like turning pages and manipulating a book. As a result, babies cannot enjoy their growth properly.


Preventing kids to crawl after learning to walk


Seeing toddlers walk is one of the best milestones for parents. Sadly, some parents force their kids to walk and prevent them to crawl after learning. This may be good to help them practice. But, it is also essential to let them crawl for some time. In this way, you can help them strengthen their hands and shoulders and build coordination.


Forcing kids to write too soon


As a parent, it is important to help them learn new things from reading and writing. Unfortunately, some parents force their kids to write too soon. Surely, seeing your kids write at an early age can be a good indication that your kids are fast learners. Yet, some kids are not ready, and others may learn to form letters incorrectly, which will need to be untaught in school. To avoid this, it is best for parents to provide a handwriting chart to help the kids who seem eager to learn before school.


These are only some of the tasks parents make that can ruin body and brain development in infants. 


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